Competitive Sports: Parents are the Career-Engine

Parents are the engine of competitive sports, worldwide and in every discipline. They are usually the first to support their children. Parents are talent discoverers, sponsors, chauffeurs, managers, towel holders, psychologists and fans all in one.

If there is a lack of emotional and material support from the parental home, this leads to an exit, to the termination of a young career. Success therefore has only one father and one mother. Their importance cannot be overestimated.

Parents and the environment of a young athlete should find the right level of support. The following general recommendations apply to long-term support:

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Promote – Support

Sports psychologists advocate involving parents in training.

It is important to signal interest in athletic progress.

It is important to signal interest in athletic progress.


Complex training must not determine everyday life at all times.

You have to ask something other than „How was the training ?“.

There must always be phases in which an athlete is simply human.