Competitive Sports: Parents are the Career-Engine

Pressure, Performance and Help

Nobody knowingly overtaxes their child. Nevertheless, when developing talent, there are actions or situations that put implicit pressure on young athletes.

Generate, increase Pressure

Parents, friends, school, trainer, club, association, etc. issue demands.

Over-engagement of parents leads only to short-term increases in performance.

Parents announce that they put a lot of money and time into their children’s development.

Parents completely subordinate their lives to the sporting goals of the child.

Parents want to make their dreams come true through their child.

Reduce Pressure

Include voluntary breaks and breaks in the development.

If the child does not want to exercise, they can stay at home.

Allow „phases of withdrawal“ to renew the sporting goals.

Parents and the environment support the athlete unconditionally, even in crises.

Help from Parents and Environment

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  • Supervisors support the development from talent to athlete personality.
  • Personal responsibility, independence of the athlete are goals of development.
  • Support at the end of your career, transferring from sports to professional life.
  • Accompanying the reorientation and entering a new phase of life.

Rheinische Post – 4/2004