Mountainbike: Sabine Spitz about Talent & Cape Epic

Sabine Spitz will start at the 2020 Cape Epic in South Africa. This longdistance race is known as the „Tour de France of Mountain Biking“. It covers more than 700 kilometres, lasts eight days and attracts mountain bikers from around the world, who compete in teams of two. The course of the Cape Epic changes every year, but the race has always taken place in the Western Cape.

There is a daily live-stream of the race. 3 helicopters, e-bike- and stationary cameras make for a great experience of top biking and show the fantastic countryside of the Western Cape.

Sabine Spitz at the Cape Epic 2017. The carbon handlebar broke when she fell on a gravel trail. The skilled craftsmanship of the Sabine Spitz & Robyn de Groot team is tested under racing stress. They repair the handlebar and manage to finish the stage with a slight loss of time.