Competitive Sports: Performance vs. Depression

Interview about Robert Enke †

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„Weaknesses are not wanted“

SPOX: Should Robert Enke have publicly admitted to his illness?

Pfaff: „This question is difficult to assess for me as an outsider. A public commitment also means admitting a weakness. Our performance society is about strength and this case concerns the number one (goalkeeper) of the german national football team. So, it is not favourable to reveal weaknesses. “ >>

Interview s. SPOX, 12.11.2009

Robert Enke had Depression, was mentally ill and in psychiatric treatment. His suicide shook German football, the DFB and the sports community. Since then, various initiatives have been devoted to mental illnesses in competitive sports.

After the loss of her partner, Teresa Enke became involved in the Robert Enke Foundation and campaigns for education, research and treatment of depression.