Competitive Sports & Corona: Athletes Do Not Resign

FAZ interview about the fixation of athletes on Olympia, the ticking mental clock and the pain of losing the training facility.

How does a high-performance athlete feel without a sport facility?

He’s like sick. Totally restricted. He feels hurt, because he cannot go there and train for his discipline. That’s crazy. In various sports, it means that you have to exercise alone, follow your own plan, and that’s not like the specific sports discipline.

What are they doing?

During sports psychological support and in interviews, I found that athletes do not resign. They are inventive. If you are injured or sick, you can still do something, you can still move. But if a triathlete, who needs a lot of space for training, has to stay home, he is extremely limited. But then he comes up with something. He can work on specific areas like strength training with dumbbells or with his body-weight. Like a housewife who does an aerobics program for a stomach-legs-buttocks infront of a video. A training in the laboratory.