Competitive Sports & Corona: Athletes Do Not Resign

Can you say they are fixated on the goal?

Yes. Athletes also visualize what the games will be like. A year earlier, the competition venues are tested, swimming pools or mountain bike trails will be tried out. Athletes go home with this experience and mentally prepare the Olympics for a long while. People who work very meticulously also look at the Olympic Village, the paths, and memorize it. 

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We know of many athletes not achieving an Olympic qualification. But what happens when the formerly fixed dates seem to dissolve (due to the Corona-Crises) ?

That creates great uncertainty – usually athletes know the date of their competition, swimming or athletics during their week of competition, and adjust their training schedule accordingly. For example, you train at unusual times, according to the the starting times of Tokyo.

Does the discrepancy between the athletes, looking for orientation, and officials who don’t seem to have a connection to an athlete’s life, have an effect ?

The officials and the sports institutions are dealing with a lot of money, international contracts and a big responsibility – it seems to me that their nerves are stressed. I can imagine that there will be cuts for sports. Because it can’t go on like this: the officials seem out of touch of social requirements. But even professional sports are part of society !!

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