Table Tennis: Timo Boll on his Fascination and Motivation

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What was the public’s aspiration when you were number 1 in the world ?

It was more than it was now. I was often invited to television programs and the print media also used me more. That was difficult to coordinate. Table tennis is a very training-intensive sport and you don’t have that much time to fulfill every wish. And that’s just too tiring.

What is your environment like, who else is working with you?

Media consultant, management and coaching staff. Helmut Hampl* was my main trainer, who is there one or two times a day. Then there is the national coach (Jörg Roßkopf) who coaches me at international competitions and who occasionally stops by during training. In the club we had a co-trainer, Gao. He is Chinese, supports the training in the club and does the ball bucket training with us.

* Leistungssport, 2005