Competitive Sports: Joy and Burden of Top Performances

Wie sieht die Kehrseite der Medaille aus ?

Today, a tennis player travels around the world between 7 and 10 months. Unless one tournament chases the next, top players spend the rest of the time training.

Relationships drift apart through different living environments. Friends of a tennis player are rather scattered around the world. Acquaintances are refreshed every year. But one tries to stay in touch...

Social relationships at home have to wait, the phone replaces personal contact. Maintaining or even building up a circle of friends is an unsolvable task in most cases.

Regarding the constant competition and striving for success, good friendships with colleagues can hardly be found. These are observations with stars of the branch or with (relatively) successful players.

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„Looser“ – Cannon Fodder & Nameless Players ??

On another level, the life of players takes place, who are neither in the spotlight nor stand out for their performance.

It is the people of the nameless who feed the favorites. At this point I would like to draw your attention to these players. You should take them seriously, because every career starts at the bottom.

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