Dressage-Riding: Matthias Rath Fascination of Horses

Interview with Matthias Rath

Matthias Rath & Totilas, CHIO Aachen

What fascinates you about riding?

You always have to learn when riding and even if you think you know a horse, you keep learning. There are many different characters among the horses and it is always exciting to deal with them. Every horse is different in the stable, in handling and when riding – and that makes the sport of riding fascinating for me.

Do you train every day and what is your drive for riding ?

There are very few days when I don’t sit on a horse. My girlfriend might think, we could do something different on Sundays. But that’s part of being a little crazy about riding and – except on vacation – you can’t let go of it. It’s just like at work: if you want to achieve something, there is no end of work. And if I want to be one of the best dressage riders, I just have to train a lot.

Leistungssport, 5/2010