Dressage-Riding: Matthias Rath Fascination of Horses

Isabell Werth & Don Johnson

Isabell Werth and her horse Don Johnson celebrated the farewell with an outstanding freestyle and were accompanied with a standing ovation in the Festhallen Arena. In keeping with the script of the last appearance, the free program ended with the song Feliz Navidad.

The most successful dressage rider in the world wins the Grand Prix dressage freestyle with „Johnny“. With this appearance at the Frankfurt Festhallenturnier 2019 the successful career of the 18-year-old horse „Don Johnson“ ends.

Festhallen-Riding 2019

  • Riding is booming: over 50,000 spectators in 4 days !!
  • Upper tier opened for the first time, Sunday „Sold Out“
  • Family Linsenhoff-Rath exclusive organizer

Impressions from the tournament

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