Golf: Enjoy Playing in Natural Environments

Interview about Golf, Nature and Gesundheit

Out into the countryside – in times of lockdown, people are drawn to nature. Golf is a sport that originated in nature and – apart from driving ranges or short courses in city centers – is played out in the open.

What impact does the entry into nature have on the golfer?

In general, people have five senses to perceive the environment. With these senses, man experiences and processes stimuli. Entering nature is calming because there are fewer stimuli for people. On the golf course you come across sounds of nature, plants that grow. All processes run at a natural speed.

Can one use golf against extreme stress or burnout?

Yes, you can. But you have to take into account which personality you are dealing with. How does a person understand something, what does he take with him and how does he feel? For example, someone who mostly lives and works in the city. When he comes into a natural environment like the golf course, that is perceived like nothing.

There is more calm on the golf course.

How is success determined ?

Man is grounded in the countryside. If a golfer notices that exercise in nature is good for him, he does it more often because he feels the positive effect subconsciously.