Golf: Enjoy Playing in Natural Environments

On the one hand, we are talking about the tranquility of nature – on the other hand, golf as a sport is always associated with factors like performance or success stress. How does that work together?

You have to differentiate between a golfer aiming for a certain result or generally plays at a high level and a golfer who is just looking for fun and relaxation. If you want a good performance, you need to concentrate on it. For him, a tree is an obstacle. In this case, nature is a setting for an athletic performance and to pursue a goal. There, less attention is paid to nature.

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How can you train a better perception of the natural environment?

Some people completely lost their sense for nature. I point out certain things on the golf course to such clients: sounds of animals, the movement of the ground. Interestingly, golfers, who usually only think of the score, increasingly develop awareness of what is going on in nature during waiting times.