Golf – Out into Nature

On the one hand, we are talking about the tranquility of nature – on the other hand, golf as a sport is always associated with factors like performance or success stress. How does that work together?

You have to differentiate between a golfer aiming for a certain result or generally plays at a high level and a golfer who is just looking for fun and relaxation. If you want a good performance, you need to concentrate on it. For him, a tree is an obstacle. In this case, nature is a setting for an athletic performance and to pursue a goal. There, less attention is paid to nature.

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Manchen Menschen ist das Gefühl für Natur inzwischen völlig abhanden gekommen. Solche Klienten weise ich auf dem Golfplatz auf bestimmte Sachen direkt hin: Geräusche von Tieren, die Bewegung des Bodens. Ich stelle dann immer wieder fest, dass Golfer, die ansonsten vielleicht nur an den Score denken, in Wartezeiten zunehmend ein Bewusstsein für Vorgänge in der Natur entwickeln.

How can you train a better perception of the natural environment?

Some people completely lost their sense for nature. I point out certain things on the golf course to such clients: sounds of animals, the movement of the ground. Interestingly, golfers, who usually only think of the score, increasingly develop awareness of what is going on in nature during waiting times.