Michael Schumacher: Reasons for his Come Back – 2010

„Dependent“ on Sport

An athlete is somewhat dependent on his sport. If you commit to sports from childhood, you live and love it. That’s why it is very difficult to let go. And the more successful an athlete is in his sport, the more the passion for what he does increases.

Athletes who stop at the peak seem to be more likely to make a comeback. They have never lost the fun, but mostly claim to be mentally or physically tired. But if an athlete is on the descend of his career – and therefore less competitive – he tends to lose enthusiasm altogether.

Schumi can start from the top

Top athletes like Schumacher have the bonus of being able to jump back to the level they left off at. Due to their previous status, they do not have to laboriously work their way up again. That makes comebacks even more appealing.

Rather, Schumacher wanted to work with his old companions again, to have the feeling of before. The intrinsic motivation and his passion for sport seem so strong that all theoretically possible negative aspects recede.

SPOX, 3.1.2010