Competitive Sports: Drop Out Risks & Career End

Drop-Out-Risks in Competitive Sports

A sports career should last several years. „Drop-Out“ is the early termination of a competitive sporting career. This phenomenon is an international and cross-sport problem.

Modern development of high-performance sports can lead to a further increase in drop-out-rates in the next few years. Because top athletes face steadily increasing physical loads and growing psychological and social demands.

Major Drop-Out Causes

The following factors are decisive to discontinue a career – and conversely, for remaining in competitive sports.

  • Stress from school, job and vocational training
  • Injuries, problems, crises – among others Corona Crisis
  • Conflict of interest: competitive sports vs leisure
  • Influence of parents, trainer, environment
  • Motivational problems

This list is not a ranking, it only lists possible drop-out factors. Ultimately, every drop-out shows an individual combination of reasons.