Competitive Sports: Drop Out Risks & Career End

Drop-Out-Risks – Explanations

Stress from School, Job and Education

A double burden of school, work or education and competitive sports is a major problem for athletes. The basic work for a professional career takes place in a phase of early adult life. This usually leads to coordination problems.

In top tennis negative effects on a professional career are due to very high work-loads. The year-round-circuits demands have significantly increased in the past 25 years. Most former top tennis players compensate the lack of a qualification through their specific expertise, acquire coaches licences and work in the field of sports.

Problems – Crises – Corona crisis

In the course of performance development, there can be a variety of problems or crises for every athlete. These can range from personal or sportive issues to problems in the environment.

The global Corona Crisis is currently in the focus. For ambitious competitive athletes, this situation means a major change, regardless of the phase of their career. Although athletes can train extensively during this time, the effort (initially) is not rewarded by competitions and facing their regular opponents.


Numerous studies point to increasing injuries and stagnation of performance, which lead to an early career end. With drop-outs in mind, the risk of injuries should always be checked, and an athlete should be adequately supported to overcome injuries.