Competitive Sports: Drop Out Risks & Career End

Influence of Parents

Parents accompany the development of their children. Their attitude and support have a decisive influence on their children’s sporting careers. Parents play a central role in motivating and supporting young athletes.

In addition to the positive support role of parents, excessive pressure or coercion can lead to dissatisfaction. Perceived parental pressure can affect athletes‘ self-esteem, cause stress and guilt. This situation can result in athletes turning away from sports prematurely.

Influence of Coaches

Coaches play a crucial role in competitive development of athletes. With increasing performance, coaches become more important. They can be responsible for successful course of an athletic career, but also cause a career to end.

The expectations of coaches are correspondingly complex. They include the promotion of performance, but also pedagogical and psychological support. Socially competent coaches are able to give positive feedback, encouraging instruction and movement corrections. All in all they also promote the development of an athlete’s personality.

Motivational Problems

To support a successful competitive career and to avoid drop-out, coaches should have basic knowledge of performance motivation in general and apply it to their respective athletes.

Conflict of interest: Competitive Sports – Leisure

Competitive sports is no longer a minor matter. This way training and competitions conflict with leisure activities. For some athletes, this potential conflict can cause early career termination.

Tennissport – 1/2004