Boris Becker „DTB-Head of Men’s Tennis“ – END 2020

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German Tennis Federation (DTB) starts cooperation with Boris Becker. Interview with HR-Info about Boris Becker’s involvement in the German Tennis Association.

Does it help German Tennis to install former Wimbledon Champion Boris Becker as „Head of Men’s Tennis“ ?
Boris Becker and Patrik Kühnen were top German players and Boris a world-class player. They have immense practical experience in international tennis. That should definitely help.

Which adjustments could Boris Becker make ?
For a lot of years the DTB has been supporting their young players with a various programs. After juniors they have to learn to compete with adults and later in professional tennis. But instead of climbing to new levels, a lot of players stand still. That’s one example where Boris can certainly help with his experience, as a player or as coach.