Boris Becker „DTB-Head of Men’s Tennis“ – END 2020

Boris Becker Experience

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Top players, like Alexander Zverev and his team, tend to do their own thing. Do you think, Becker will take care of the juniors ?
That’s how I understand his job „Head of Men’s Tennis“, to lead German men’s tennis. The work with juniors and their development are part of the job. In this position one needs an overview and should accompany players up to the top level. The job also includes cooperation with personal, regional and national coaches and the other collegues to develop German Tennis and it’s players together – as team, together !!

Why do you emphasize “together” so much?
Because that “together”, i.e. team-work has been lost in recent years. Boris Becker and the DTB made a few attempts. But those collaborations with the Davis Cup or the DTB did not work out. Now, I hope this attempt will be a success. German Tennis should use the experience of former top players. In general the experience of top athletes in all sports-disciplines should be built into our sports development.