Interview about Professional Tennis and Psychology

Interview about life as a Tennis Professional, the effects of Sports Psychology and the Career of Sports.

Interview with Martina Knief and Hans-Joachim Hedderich,
HR-Info-Radio, Frankfurt.

Competitive Sports & Psychology

Wimbledon, French Open, US and Australian Open are the top tennis-tournaments… is there a tournament, any moment you particularly remember?

There are many moments, I remember !! When the Australian Open are televised in January, I feel a bit „homesick“. It was great to play in Australia during our german winters. And the spectators, make for a great atmosphere – so, during that I wish I could be there.

Sydney Opera House, 2019

In my research about you I found remarks like „if she had worked more, she could have had more success“. How do you reflect on this description ?

My own assessment is different: I tried to be diligent and professional at the time. But the outside perspective perceived me as „lazy, stubborn, arrogant and she could have achieved more“. My life was not only geared towards Tennis and my parents wanted me to finish a high-school first.

How important is a team accompanying a Tennis player ? Today teams are getting bigger and bigger – how much help does an athlete need to compete at top level ?

Today, young players are accompanied by a coach, a physiotherapist, a manager or more people. To me that sounds like a a team-effort, almost a bus-trip. At the beginning of my career I travelled by myself and lateron I sometimes took a coach along. At the time, only the top 10 or 20 players on the WTA-Tour could afford a travelling coach, a physiotherapist or a manager.