Interview about Professional Tennis and Psychology

Life on Tour – Fun ??

Let’s look at your tennis-journey of 13 years, travelling the world on the WTA-Tour. What is the difference between players ranked No. 1, No. 17 and No. 200?

I was in the middle, and I did travel a lot by myself and organised all affairs. I am not against taking a coach on tour, but in tennis you have to pay for your staff on tour. Players like Steffi Graf were accompanied by a coach and a whole group of people. The top players need help, because they are constantly in demand – by fans, spectators, sponsors and the media. These people also protect them, to deliver top performances.

How important was the concept of „fun in sports“ for you as tennis-professional and afterwards with your current engagements ?

Sports is part of my life and I decided to turn pro after graduating from high school. Tennis is a great sport and I enjoyed life on tour. Of course it’s not fun to lose, while you are at the other side of the world and you feel miserable. Altogether sports is part of my life, a sporty attitude, a sporty person – and you only achieve top performances enjoying what you do.