Interview about Professional Tennis and Psychology

Sports Psychology – Support

But sports psychology is also gaining more and more value during the career. Before people said „if you go to a psychologist, you are a mental cas“. But psychology also helps improve performance. Where do you start, for example?

Well, it depends on the request of an athlete or a client. Unfortunately, people still think they need to have a problem or you show weakness when you consult a psychologist. But mental training can help optimize performance and transfer performance from training to competition. Quite often I hear „yes, he’s much better in training and he show his abilities in competition“. That’s actually a shame, I think. And if one uses psychological methods, it can strengthen the whole person, and grow a personality.

Nowadays athletes are all trained the same – fitness, technical training are equal and can hardly be improved, so one could say “it all happens in your head”. What do you think about that statement ?

Let’s say, you take various athletes, with a body well trained and a good technique, put them a the startline, regardless of the sport, then they could perform the same. The central control, the mental abilities make for a difference. It is not enough to train the body, but one also needs the head, which processes all the influences of the senses and plans our actions. So psychological qualities do make a difference and that’s why try to transfers my experiences to athletes and other high potentials.

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