Interview about Professional Tennis and Psychology

Transitions in Life

Your Psychology thesis is an interview-study about „The Transition from Sports to a Professional Life“. Why did you write about that subject – is that your own story or do you want to help others with transitions in life ?

Yes, I experienced that transition myself. It’s definitly a major task, because as an athlete you say „Goodbye“ to something that filled out a big part of life. One could assume that I wrote my own story. But I really tried to interview ex-athletes and concentrate on their stories and experiences. My own story is hidden in the theoretical background 🙂

I think one can understand that there is also a need, because life changes almost suddenly. An athlete leaves his well-known sports-field and might be faced with the question „what’s next?“ Do they need the help of a psychologist ?

Not everyone needs a psychologist. In my opinion the environment can support an athlete in such a very intense phase of life. All people experience similar transitions after school, after apprenticeship, training or university. Or when people are laid off work, looking for a new job or when they are facing retirement. During those times a person could “fall into a deep, black hole”. Altogether there is an increasing need. Especially professional athletes are a very specialized and totally focused species and that’s why a transition might be more complicated.

HR-Info Radio, 6.4.2007