Canoeing: Josef Capousek on achieving Top Quality

Quality in Training

How were the athletes looked after before you and how is quality created?

The training method consisted primarily of applying pressure. The canoeists were on the water for many hours, ran, did strength training and God knows what, but without quality.

And for me that is a decisive difference for the quality of a training: Good training only works if you put your body and soul into it. In my opinion, coaches and trainers should not exercise a control function from top to bottom, but rather move on the same level as the athletes in order to help them.

Does a good interaction with athletes actually improve performance?

I am convinced that top performance can only be achieved if you work together on an equal level. How far or deep the cooperation goes depends very much on the athlete and his or her intellect. An athlete should understand the coach’s path. I don’t relate to the technical side, but more about human cooperation, a relationship and communication. My experience has proved that athletes need a certain intellectual level to understand the context, to talk to the coach and to have confidence in the work.

Are there also athletes who are too intelligent?

Yes, and that’s not a good thing either. If you think too much, you slow yourself down.

Galore – Interview-Magazine, 4/2007