Artistic Gymnastics: Ulla Koch on World-Class Athlete Oksana Chusovitina

Age & Performance

What could the young gymnasts learn from the experienced Oksana?

I think Oksana taught this generation what can be achieved with professionalism and enthusiasm. As a gymnast, she is reliable and always performed well when she was healthy. Because she takes every task equally seriously, regardless of it being a German championship, a World Cup or the Olympic Games. To this day she has been preparing very conscientiously for every competition and can focus on the point for her performance.

How do you explain that Oksana can compete in the world class and won 2011 World Championship silver in jumping at a biblically old age for a gymnast ?

From the age of six, she went through a high training intensity in the USSR system. She trained intensively from an early age and learned so many movements with a lot being deeply anchored. Overall, Oksana is a miracle for me, both physiologically and biologically. In terms of training science, it can hardly be explained how you can still be so fast at this age and develop such strength in order to complete world-class jumps. Aside from her well-trained body, Oksana uses her immense experience, and the love of gymnastics continues to drive her.

Will Oksana Chusovitina stay connected to German gymnastics after her career? *

Oksana will end her long career with the London Olympics, her sixth since Barcelona in 1992. I am happy that we can set up a position for her as a coach in Bergisch Gladbach*. She absolutely wants to stay in Germany, let her son grow up here and has given up her head coach position in Uzbekistan*.

*Leistungssport, 2012

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