Combined Driving: Chester Weber about Strategies for Success

„What it takes to be a Champion“

Eva Pfaff worked with the American driver Chester Weber from July 2008 *. The four-in-hand driver won in Riesenbeck and became vice world champion in Beesd (Holland). In an interview in the US magazine Driving Digest, he talks about the „secret of his success“.


Chester Weber had a very successful 2008 season *. He won every national qualification and the US championship, the German International Driving Derby in Riesenbeck and came third at the CHIO in Aachen. He finished the season with a silver medal at the World Championships in Beesd (Holland) in September.

I asked Chester the secret of his success and here is his answer.

I’ve ridden the same six horses for the past two years since the World Championships in Aachen. Boy W, Grumus (aka Mecki), Jamaica, Para, Rolex W and Senate. These six were part of the overall success. Jamaica was my Most Valuable Player in the World Cup and he was great. We discuss him a lot in front of Beesd. He is 17 years old and it takes two weeks to recover from a show; Using it once a month is difficult for him. We had broken the world record in dressage in Riesenbeck, where I showed Boy, so we thought about using him in Beesd. Then I said you couldn’t get much better; Let’s be conservative and take advantage of Jamaica. We did and I think it was a good decision because I broke my own record.


I drive and train the horses myself, with the help of Olof Larsson who does the basic work at home; Taren Lester does lunge work, and Malin Zimmerman rides her a little. All riders and women who reach size are inconsiderate when it comes to clubs and selecting. I made high demands on the horses and I want to know if they are good enough to win a medal with? We have to share this goal. I’ve been driving for a long time and have a lot of experience. Character is really important; There are always problems, and always at the wrong time. You can develop character in a horse, but if it has bad character you cannot improve it.

This is a team sport and Team Weber experienced some interesting things this summer. I try to be as correct as possible with the team; this is important. There is mutual respect there. But don’t forget, my biggest secret is my wife, My Elisabeth Weber, the best feedback that a driver could have.